Lekki Free Zone Features

In addition to incentives, the following factors account for why Lekki Free Zone is preferred;

1. Unique Location

It is within the reach of domestic market of Nigeria with a population of over 140 million people. It also has easy access to the neighbouring countries in West Africa and central Africa with a population of 500 million people. It is within the easy reach of European and American market.

2. Provision of Infrastructure

  • Good road networks
  • 12 MW of power as initial offtake
  • Water supply of about 9000m3 /day
  • Communications
  • Security system
  • The new Lekki International Airport
  • The new Lekki deep sea port

3. Regional Characteristics

Lekki Free Zone is about 50Km from Lagos city centre, 70 Km from the Murtala Mohammed Int’l Airport (MMIA) and 10 Km from the new Lekki Int'l Airport. It is also about 50 Km from Apapa port, West africa’s largest harbour. The new Lekki deep sea port is located right inside the Lekki Free Zone and will be linked by rail and road network to all the commercial states of Nigeria and neighbouring countries.