Investment Incentives

  1. Complete tax holiday from all Federal, State and Local Government taxes, rates, customs duties and levies

  2. One-stop approvals for all permits, operating licenses and incorporation papers

  3. Duty-free, tax-free import of raw materials and components for goods destined for re-export

  4. Duty-free capital goods, consumer goods, machinery, equipment, and furniture

  5. Permission to sell 100% of manufactured, assembled or imported goods into the domestic Nigerian market

  6. When selling into the domestic market, the amount of import duty on goods manufactured in the Free Zone is calculated only on the basis of the value of the raw materials or components used in assembly, not on the finished products

  7. 100% foreign ownership of investments

  8. 100% repatriation of capital, profits and dividends

  9. Waiver on all import and export and exports licenses

  10. Waiver on all expatriate quotas for companies operating in the Zones

  11. Prohibition of strikes and lockouts